Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eat Here: Miyako

   Miyako Sushi Bar opened in 1994 when I was in kindergarten and my family has been dining there ever since.  It is the first restaurant I have any definitive memories of.  I remember when it was a tiny, linear, blue-white, ill-lit suite in a a strip mall.  In the last five years, Miyako has expanded into the space next to it and has upgraded the decor to a swanky, true sushi bar with trendy lighting and amazing Asian minimalist inspired paintings that line the walls (which are for sale!)  The best thing about this restaurant is that quality (concerning food and service) has remained their number one priority.

   Each meal starts with hot, earthy miso soup and a fresh salad with home made ginger carrot dressing.  For an appetizer, the gyoza are always delicious:  tender pork dumplings that are pan fried, then steamed and served with a salty, spicy dipping sauce.  Although, to be honest, you really can't go wrong with whatever you order (and I have eaten just about everything on the menu.)  The tempura is light, crispy, and incredibly flavorful, never greasy or soggy.  The noodle soups are also jam-packed with flavor: mushrooms, diakon, fish cake, egg, udon or soba... you name it.  And everything on the menu (including sushi!) is very reasonably priced.

(eel nigiri, Philadelphia roll (crab, cream cheese), dynamite roll (spicy tuna), cucumber roll)

   And of course, there is the sushi.  Nothing will ever have that light, lingering, scent of ammonia that can turn your stomach.  This is some of the freshest fish I have ever eaten.  It is tender, moist, melt-in-your mouth fish nirvana.  All of the rolls, nigiri and sashimi are perfectly prepared.  My dad loves the mackerel.  My mom adores the yellowtail.  My husband can devour a plate of the eel.  What can I not get enough of?  The cucumber roll.  It sounds ridiculous, but I think there is a true art to the simplicity of it.  The cucumber is crisp and never seedy and the rice... Miyako makes the best, most amazingly balanced sushi rice I have tasted.  It sticks together in just the right way without being gummy or overcooked.

(sashimi: salmon, tuna, yellowtail; shrimp lover's roll)
    The specialty rolls are better than any other sushi place I've been to.  Last night we had the shrimp lover's roll:  cucumber and shrimp tempura wrapped in shrimp and avocado topped with a light sauce and roe.  My other two favorite specialty rolls are the dragon roll and the husband and wife roll.  
   Miyako is perfect for any occasion:  business lunch, date night, family dinner, or hanging out with friends.  The prices are resonable, beer and wine are served, and the food is absolutely extrodinary!
4932 Thoroughbred Ln.--Brentwood, TN 37027

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