Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Whirlwind

OMG.  Whirlwind of prepping and food.  I didn't take pictures of anything; I had NO time.  Between work, friends, and family, I had three Thanksgivings.  I feel like the only feasible thing to do is list everything I ate over the course of this past week.

Cajun Roasted Goose*
winter sangria*
The most amazing mashed potatoes ever
pumpkin and black bean soup
broccoli rice casserole
glazed carrots
roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts w/ goat cheese
shells & velveeta
salad w/ bacon maple vinaigrette*
sweet potato casserole
cranberry, spinach, feta rollups
chocolate pie
pecan pie
spiced peach cobbler
turkey and gravy
mac 'n' cheese
potato casserole
green bean casserole
meatballs w/ mushroom gravy
braised peppercorn pork tenderloin
spinach, caramalized onion, goat cheese rollups*
fudge pie
venison bourguignon*
smoked salmon w/ capered cream cheese*
brie en croute w/ blackberry jam
spinach and broccoli casserole
chicken and cornbread dressing*
cranberry glazed carrots
orange-cranberry sauce
apple pie

*-I made/helped my husband make

Whew.  I can't believe all of that went into my body; I am glad that is over.  I am also glad that I can honestly say I didn't eat anything that wasn't delicious!

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