Monday, July 22, 2013

Roatan Oasis

I started a new job last week.  So far I love it, but it has a lot more lulls than the unnecessarily stressful environment of the grocery store.  Today, is rainy and dreary and uniquely lovely, but I can't keep my mind from wandering back to Roatan.  I keep reminiscing about the water, the sand, the people, and the food.

We were bummed when we found out Tong's was closed for the month due to ownership change.  The plan had been to eat there two nights.  So that was two nights we had to fill.  We asked our dive instructor of the week (and trusted local connection) where we should eat.  The first recommendation out of his mouth was, "Oasis!"

It is a little difficult to find, especially at night, because many of the cab drivers don't know where it is, because it is fairly new and it is technically in some people's house, but it was worth the hassle!  It is probably the most hipster joint on the island.  This place would have fit in perfectly to Nashville, except that everyone was tan and music was not the main topic of conversation.

The menu is based on what is available (in a very sensible manner, no pretension.)  When they are out of something, they are out.  No excuses made, some dishes are just that popular.  That was the case with the Szechuan pork (which we were all eyeing) the night we were there.  But that is ok, they had Szechuan chicken and it was absolutely delicious.  We also had a lentil, goat cheese, caramelized onion bake with jalapeno tomato jam that was heavenly!  Soon, I will attempt to recreate the light, souffle-like bake.  (They always have at least one vegetarian option, and will make vegan dishes when given prior notice.)

The atmosphere, like most island restaurants, is very relaxed.  Borderline too relaxed which leads to slow (though not unpleasant) service.  You learn to deal with that quickly though.  It sucks when you are hungry (which were very much so), but we ordered the house-made olive tapenade on garlic crostini to tide us over....  And then we ordered it again.

If you find yourself on the Caribbean island of Roatan, definitely make it a point to stop in at Oasis.  The setting is lovely, the portions are just the right size, and it is some of the most reasonably price food you could ask for.

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