Friday, March 1, 2013

Pre-Tournament Menu

Tomorrow the hubs has a Brazilian jiu jitsu tournament.  He registered for the 195 division (that is with the gi on).  That meant we needed to really watch what we at this past week.  He only needed to loose a couple of pounds which is no biggie, but if you weigh in over weight you don't get to compete at all.

So, to make sure everything was good and under control, we took a few easy steps:
1.  Limit carbohydrates.  I don't believe in cutting them out completely, and I absolutely do not believe in the no grain fad running amuck around here.  We stuck with whole grains like brown rice and quinoa.  Also, decreasing the amount of carb intake throughout the day so you are only eating a little bit at dinner.

2.  As little fat as possible, duh.  The hardest part about this is not always taking into consideration the amount of oil you use to cook things in.  I am guilty of it.  You slap some oil in the pan thinking "It's not like I am going to be eating all the oil".  But if you use more than necessary, your food will absorb extra oil that you don't need.

3.  Lean protein and lots of veggies. Also duh.  Lean protein is a given:  chicken breast, fish, etc.  I threw eggs and tofu into the mix to keep our healthy meals from becoming monotonous.  Yes, vegetables have carbs but I don't even think that counts.  They are nutritiously dense and have fiber which obviously fills you up and keeps you full.

4.  No dairy.  I love dairy and generally will not cut it out of a meal plan.  However, in a situation like this, dairy can quickly add fat and calories that you do not need.   This was not a strict rule for the entire day, I just cut dairy out of dinners.

Ok, so really all of those steps are pretty much common sense and "duh" rules.  But sometimes we all need a little reminder about what is going into our bodies.  So what did we eat this week?

Pre-Tournament Menu
Seared Salmon w/ a BBQ dry rub, quinoa, quick braised kale w/ caramelized onions and roasted garlic
Huevos Salad. It is a quick dinner staple in our house:  huge plate of lettuce, salsa, black beans, avocado, corn, and topped with a couple eggs.  I know it sounds odd, but it is like a taco salad; just with eggs instead of meat.
Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore over brown rice w/ salad
Cauliflower Curry (no milk) w/ hard boiled eggs
Roasted garlic herb salmon, broccoli, & quinoa w/ artichokes
Tofu Stirfry over whole grain pasta

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