Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Super Bowl" Sunday Menu

We don't like football.  I actually kind of hate it; I have my whole life.  I would rather watch 24 hours of Billy Mays infomercials than watch a football game.  I've always been like this, I can't help it.

I do love a "game day" menu though.  A few weeks ago, when all the TV specials about game day food were on, and the internet started spewing food lists, I began to craaaave junk foods.  I wanted all the fried mozzerella, wings, and dips my body could handle.  Well, I decided to take a bit of a healthier approach, and try some recipes I'd been eyeing for a while for a Firefly marathon.  It was entirely vegetarian, with several vegan dishes, but it was so hearty and delicious you couldn't possibly miss the meat.

BBQ Tofu Nachos--I didn't follow this recipe exactly, because I didn't feel like making another trip to the grocery story. (vegan if you don't add cheese)

Better Jalapeno Poppers-- Again, improvised with what I had, so my version wasn't this exact recipe.

Cauliflower "Wings" w/ Roasted Garlic & Feta Ranch--  I may start eating all my vegetables buffalo style.  I was leery about the ketchup addition to the wing sauce, but it somehow worked and is delicious.  I don't think I broke my califlower into large enough pieces.  They were really good, but a little overcooked following this recipe.  I wanted some crunch left.  Next time, I will probably do ten minutes and ten minutes (instead of 20 and 10.)  Depending on your wing sauce, the cauliflower is vegan.  (Ranch recipe tomorrow.)

Baked Veggie Eggrolls--Super simple and easy, vegan as long as your wrappers don't have egg.  (The ones I can find at my store all have egg, so it's just vegetarian.)  Recipe later this week.

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