Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gillyweed Dip and Our Potter Picnic

   OMG *geekgasm* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 is fantastically mind-blowing!  Yesterday may not have been ideal, but at least I got to see the movie early and for free.  We arrived three and half hours before it was set to start to ensure our seats.  There was already a good line forming even at that time.  It was hot and humid; within 5 minutes, sweat was rolling down my face, my back, and that awful between the boobs sweat.  Louis left go get chairs, why we didn't think about them before, I don't know.  But we waited and joked around with the guys and ate our Potter Picnic.  Then I ended up sitting in front of the awesomely dumb movie-talker couple and behind Mr. Huge Wiggle Head.  I was almost laying on my side in the aisle to see the whole screen while listening to Sir Movie-Talker explain the movie (as it is happening in front of her) to Lady Movie-Talker.  Oh, and this couple of jackasses truly believed that Snape was Harry's father.... seriously, wtf?  They didn't strike me as the book-learnin type....

   Anyway, I am really excited that I get to share my recipes for our picnic before the general release so you have inspiration for your Harry Potter viewing pre-party, which I know you are going to have.  First, gillyweed dip.  Really, this is the easiest spinach dip you'll ever make.  I just wanted to name it something fun.

Potter Picnic Menu
Beetle Rollups
Gillyweed Dip
Cauldron Cakes

Gillyweed Dip
1 10-oz pkg frozen chopped spinach, thawed and water squeezed out
1/2 C light sour cream
1/4 C + 1 Tbsp light mayo
2 tsp minced garlic
salt and pepper

   Combine all ingredients.  Salt and pepper to taste.
   Serve with crackers, pita chips, bagel chips, veggies, anything.
   Serves 8-10.

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