Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heather's Very Potter Birthday

   I can't even being to describe how excited I am about tonight!  We are having a Harry Potter themed party for one of my best friends in the entire world!  (She turned 24 this past Monday.)  We go all out for most of our parties, but when a GREAT theme is settled and decided we take it over the top.  Several of us have made our own wands.  We've bought ties and wigs where appropriate.  I'm breakin' out the old Hogwarts track jacket I've had for, God, 6..... 7 years? now.  Everyone has chosen a character.... well, my friends chose Cho Chang for me.  Because I look totally Asian.

   When they told me it was HP themed, I was super jazzed about going out to buy the Harry Potter cook book.  However, after reading many of the recipes in the store, I realized it was incredibly lame and not worth $25.  Ten dollars maybe.  I'm sorry, broiled chicken wings (seasoned with only salt and pepper) is not a recipe and not even really related to Harry Potter.  So I came up with my own menu of English inspired food.

Very Potter Menu 
"Mince Meat" Pies
Roasted Tomato Chutney on Toast

Bangers and Mash Bites 

Crudite with Double Mustard Dipping Sauce

Pumpkin Pudding Cake Trifle

Chocolate Frogs (Sarina is making those)

Butterbeer (also Sarina)

   I believe we are also going to have copius amounts of alcohol that will be made into "Potions" (shots).  I don't exactly what were are doing with that yet, but I think such concotions as Love Potion, Polyjuice, and Liquid Luck were discussed.  I will let you know later.  And I will share pictures and all the recipes!

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  1. Hope you had fun!! cant wait for pictures :)



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