Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Affair

   I may be a happily married lady, but I have my affairs.  Everyone needs a fling.  This particular whim-of-a-weekend turned into a loving, passionate relationship that has been going strong for two and a half years now.  Smooth, black, and 5 inches of steel!  *Swoon*

   I am talking about my knife.

   My perfectly edged, elegant, curvaceous, ...expensive... knife.
 Just look at how clean those aspargus are sliced!

   I shelled out a healthy hunk of cash for this baby (roughly $120... god, I know....)  But it was worth every penny!  This is the Cutco 5 inch santoku knife.  It will do pretty much anything.  Breaking down a large watermelon is the only task it is not up to (but that doesn't mean I haven't done it.)  The heat resistant high density poly-resin handle is streamline and comfortable.  It is the perfect fit for my hand, reducing the nasty callous just below the ring finger side-effect.  The blade is a high carbon steel with full tang (meaning the metal runs the full length of the handle.)  Because Cutco knifemakers use smithing techniques perfected by the Japanese how ever many thousands of years ago, the steel is much more durable than regular steel and will hold an edge twice as long as any other knife I have used. 

   Cutco is a fantastic cutlery company.  I have a serrated knife that is at least as old I am and it is still the most amazing serrated knife ever.  As sharp as the day my mom got it.  (But that is another post for a later time.)  The only thing about Cutco is they are the door to door type sales company, and have been for over 60 years.  You can order over the phone or request a catalogue.  However, I don't really mind the door to door thing.  And it isn't really door to door... you have to set up an appointment with a rep.  The concept is more Oreck or Mary Kay or Sugar and Spice.  (Oh, yeah.... went there.)  It is nice to feel the weight and shape of these knives before you purchase because they are very different from what you can buy in stores.  This is a company that truly cares about its products and customers.  Clearly evident in the Forever Gaurantee.

   If you are tired of the cheap knives you buy at the grocery store and are ready to upgrade to an adult set of pointy stabby things, I strongly urge you to consider Cutco.  Yes, they are expensive, but they will literally last forever.  (Provided you take reasonably good care of them.)  Quality costs money.  And, once you buy an item from the company, register on the website to recieve exclusive offers on other products.  Often, they have bundle deals going on too, so be sure to check those out!

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  1. Hrm... that looks like a good birthday present for the Hubbs... since he's totally the only one that has any skill at cooking :)


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