Friday, May 20, 2011


   WTF?! crazy stuff is happening with those blog posts from last Thursday/Friday.  I just realized the tags were messed up so I fixed them and then it reposted with today's day?  Oh well, I hope blogger never has another shutdown like that one. 

   Ok, I couldn't resist another post for today.  After a week, I need to get things caught up.  So, mojitos.  Classic Cuban drink.  It is so delicious and refreshing.  In the last couple of years, it has become a very "in" drink.  Some variations of it are fantastic.  Others are.... well, disgusting.  Sorry, no other way to say that.  This is not a drink that you should ever buy pre-bottled.  Fresh mint and fresh lime are the soul of this drink!  There is no way a bottle isn't going to give you that.

  For Christmas, my mom bought Louis a comprehensive cocktail guide.  (Mr. Boston's, if you are curious.)  Last weekend we stocked up our "bar" (aka the top of our fridge.)  So he has been experimenting with the recipes.  The mojito recipe in the book calls for what we both decided was way too much mint and club soda.  Well, I don't like club soda.  It is like carbonated, slightly salty, nothingness.  I prefer tonic.  I can't think of a single cocktail where the two mixers couldn't be switched.  Plus, I love the slightly citrusy note of tonic and I think it is more bubbly.  Oh, and we use diet tonic so the drinks don't end up overly sweet.

(per drink)
1 1/2 tsp super fine sugar
1 lime, halved
2 large mint sprigs
2 oz light rum (we use Cruzan)
diet tonic water (or club soda, if you like it)

   Place sugar and mint in the bottom of glass.  Squeeze in both lime halves; drop one half into glass.  Muddle (mash) together.  (A wooden spoon works if you do not have a muddler.)  Add rum, stir vigorously to dissolve sugar.  Fill glass with ice.  Top with tonic/club soda.

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