Thursday, November 24, 2011

...And Many Gobbles to You


I like to turn every holiday into a food driven holiday, but this one originated with sharing food.  The older I get, the more I love Thanksgiving.  As a young teen, I was not quite as ecstatic.  One year, I ate pickles off a veggie tray before leaving my aunt's house to go back down the street to my grandma's house and pick at whatever food was there.  That was an awesome year for me in general....

Tomorrow I will let you know just how effing fantastic today is.  Spoiler:  there is a pig.  Spoiler counterpart:  said pig will not be involved in any weird rituals.

And if you need a bit of reading or something to listen to if the family becomes too much and you need a mini-escape.  Read my post at STA about turkeys.  Or listen (and maybe even subscribe) to the newest edition of my podcast, Lip Smacking.  This week's episode is a little love and a little hate concerning food shows on TV.

BTW:  Did you know it is REALLY hard to make a hand turkey on you computer?
Plus side:  I found out that paint now has a crayon function.

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