Thursday, September 23, 2010


    Once again I find myself writing about a "chain" restaurant.  This is even less of a chain than Dan McGuinness though.  Boscos Restaurant and Brewing Company has only four locations: Memphis, Nashville, Franklin, and Little Rock.  The menus come from the same stock of recipes but vary by location depending on the top sellers.  For example, the Nashville menu does not have steak on the menu because they sell more of the vegetarian options, whereas the Franklin restaurant can barely keep steak in stock.  Likewise, the decor and environment of each location is suited to its clientele and town.  The Hillsboro Village, Nashville location is understated urban and rustic with a warehouse feel that proudly displays the silver steel ducts and pipes over-head.  The Cool Springs, Franklin local feels a little more upscale with a suave open bar and sleek, modern like fixtures set against the more earthy exposed brick walls.
 (Smokey, creamy Chicken Poblano Soup)
   Boscos is a microbrewery.  They make my all-time favorite beer, the Isle of Skye Scottish Ale.  It is dark, sweet, and bitter with hints of vanilla.  Every beer they make is good, and there is a style for everyone.  There are four beers which are always on tap plus a variety of seasonal selections,  Their number one seller and award winner is the Famous Flaming Stone Beer that is smooth and rich with moderate body and moderate hops.
 (Mild, flavorful Smoked Duck Spring Rolls)
   The menu is made to go with beer.  It works with wine and cocktails if you really don't like beer, but a pint does complete a meal at Boscos.  One of the nice things about the menu is the wide variety of meat-free dishes (appetizers, lunches, and dinners).  The black bean and goat cheese tamale is heavenly and satisfying. The grilled portobello club paired with pasta salad is a perfect lunch.  The wood fired pizzas and calzones are fantastic.  For an appetizer, try the smoked duck spring rolls.  The meat is mild and tasty.  It truly taste like chicken--what real chicken tastes like, at least.  (It tastes absolutely nothing like real duck, but is still very delicious!)  Based on everything I have had at Boscos, what ever you order will be the right choice.
(Left: Black Bean and Goat Cheese Tamale, Right: Grilled Portobello Club)

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