Friday, September 10, 2010

Dan McGuinness

   I am of the staunch belief that there are very few thing more perfect than a properly served Guinness.  This rich, bitter-sweet tradition absolutely can not be served in a can or bottle; the flavor and experience are utterly ruined by the grocery store conveniences.  It has to be draught.  And Dan McGuinness Irish Pub does it right (as they should in order to call themselves "pub".)  I wouldn't normally review this place because it has become a franchised chain, but it remains a small chain and the first three locations are in Tennessee (Memphis being the first.)  Also, this is the only convenient place near me that can serve up a proper Guinness.

   This is also the closest place to our house to get good fish and chips (of course served with malt vinegar) and maybe the only place to even get a scotch egg.  It's amazing how fried food can be celebratory, comforting, and guilt inducing all at the same time.  However, it is absolutely necessary sometimes.  And last night was one of those times.  It may have been a premature celebration of my interview today, but I am alright with that.  While nearly half of the menu is fried, it is all delicious and never greasy.  The stuffed (and fried) mushrooms are incredible.  The thick cut fried pickles are a southern delight; however the batter can get a little thick and gummy, but other times it's light and airy.  It's an iffy dish to order, but take your chances at least once.  Everything is fried to order which is a relief... you never know in some places. 

   I'm sure their other standard pub fare like bangers and mash and shepard's pie are wonderful.  I don't know about their non-traditional fare like California wrap, "Celtic Queso", or "Pub Pizza"... I don't approve of such menu items for a pub.  But really, I'm not in a position to critique any entree because I always order fish and chips (and always on a Thursday:  the "wee order" is only $6.00 then which is an amazing deal for the two huge hunks of Atlantic cod and plateful of fries!)

(I admit that I did not take these pictures... I blatantly took them from the Dan McGuinness and Guinness websites because I received an odd call during dinner that threw me off and pictures completely escaped my mind.)

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