Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've Never...

   We've all played the drinking game "I've Never", right?  It always ends up just being what you have and have not done sexually, forcing your friends to repeatedly admit the stupid things they've done.  Likewise, you fess up to things you'd rather not....

   The other day I was thinking about food-related things I have never done.  It occurred to me that my past and present relationship with food contains some oddities for an upper-middle class white suburban-American girl.   Here are10 things that seem perfectly normal, but I have never experienced.

I've Never.....
1.  made macaroni and cheese that I was absolutely, totally, 100% proud of.
2.  used a food processor.
3.  had a Little Debbie snack cake (Swiss roll, those zebra things, the Christmas tree things...)
4.  eaten a chicken wing.
5.  had a "noodle casserole"... the kind with cream of whatever soup and egg noodles....
6.  put gravy over anything.
7.  perfectly roasted a large bird.  (I have only perfectly roasted tiny game hens.)
8.  gone to a party without bringing food.
9.  eaten a ham sandwich.
10. had Hamburger Helper (or any other variation of "Helper".)

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