Monday, December 27, 2010

Vinturi Wine Aerator

   I have been playing Wii for too long now so I thought I'd make myself take a break and tell you about the awesome gift my brother got me for Christmas.  The Vinturi Aerator.  It was really cute how excited he was about this giving this gift to me.

   Red wine is supposed to "breathe" before you drink it.  That is the purpose of a decanter.  Pour the wine into the crystal decanter, pour into wine glass.... that mixes in the right amount of air.  However, most of us don't have a crystal decanter lying around and probably don't want one.  I don't.  That is way too breakable to have around while drinking.  The Vinture is acrylic.  And is cheaper than a nice decanter.

   I saw one of these a few weeks ago.  My first reaction was,  "Hey!  That is cool!"  My second reaction was, "That is probably bullshit."  But it isn't!  It is crazy the difference that it makes.  We tried it on a $6 bottle of Little Penguin Merlot and holy crap... pouring it through the aerator added like $15 to the wine!  I was amazed.  The little amount of air that is mixed in makes the wine taste more like it is supposed to taste; the same concept as adding salt to sweet desserts.  I can't wait to try this on a nicer bottle of wine.  Because I will say that the funneling my Bota Box (boxed...) wine through this made me feel a little trashy, even though it is perfectly decent, lovely wine!  Didn't stop me though.  My only negative about this is you have to be really careful not to pour the wine too fast or else it leaks out of the teeny air spouts on the side.  Likewise you can't pour too slow because then the wine goes straight through and the air isn't mixed in.  When it makes a weird sucking sound, you are doing it perfectly.  I absolutely recommend this to any wine lover!
Set Includes: aerator funnel, sleek modern stand, a fine mesh basket if you happen to drink really fancy wines that may have a bit of sediment, and a travel pouch for the aerator for wine drinkers on the go.


  1. The first type is known as an "on the bottle" device. These aerators fit to the top of your wine bottle usually by inserting a rubber bung to ensure a snug fit. The wine is then poured directly into the glass from the bottle. This achieves instant airing of your wine and the taste and color achieved is simply amazing.

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  2. However, this nifty new gadget called a wine aerator has eliminated the need for using the decanter process. By holding the aerator over the glass and pouring the wine through it, the right amount of air is mixed with the wine in just the right amount of time.


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