Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monkey Lala

   The name is bizarre.  I am aware of that.  But who cares; it is a frothy, frosty, frozen drink.  It needs to have an odd name.

   I'm pretty sure Sundowners Bar in Roatan, Honduras created this.  I've been to this bar several times but generally on my Roatan excursions I opt for a Salva Vida or a good old rum (Flor de Cana) and coke.  My first visit to Honduras did include one several of these concoctions at Bite on the Beach and The Thirsty Turtle.  Absolutely delicious, but not the type of thing I want to sit around drinking all afternoon.  Usually I have one per vacation now, but this year I am not going to Roatan.  So in a wonderfully alcohol soaked attempt to garner a little piece of that beloved island for the night, I made Monkey Lalas. 
Monkey Lala
1 oz vodka
1 oz Irish cream liqueur
1 oz coffee liqueur
2 oz cream of coconut
a handful or so of ice

   Whiz together in a blender.  You need about 10-12 large ice cubes.  Add a straw and maybe a tiny parasol.  (I just bought them and wanted to use them!)
   Serves 1.


  1. I had this yummmmmy drink at Little French Key in Roatan! So good!!!

  2. Palapa Bar at Parrot Tree Plantation Roatan also make a killer version


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