Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flor de Caña

  This is my favorite rum.  Hands down.  I could (and have) down a whole bottle in less than 48 hours (with only minimal assistance.)  That makes me sound like a total alcoholic, but in my defense, I was on vacation in the Caribbean.  If I hadn't gotten sloppy drunk and barely remembered a few days of the trip, I would be shaming the great institution of exotic beach vacationing.  I will try not to emotionally spew out word vomit on why I love it so much.  Hopefully, this is an informative post.
     Flor de Caña is a slow-aged Nicaraguan rum that my mom and I "discovered" on our first trip to Roatan, Honduras.  There are a variety of 4 years that include Limon and the only varieties of silver rum available from this particular distillery.  All the older rums are dark.  The older ages are 5, 7, 12, 18, and 21... no shit.  I have not had the 21 year old, but the 12 and 18 are to die for!  Ridiculously smooth and flavorful, with a hint of natural sweetness mixed in with the characteristic caramely, peppery notes of a seriously good rum.

   As amazing as the older varieties are, the 7 year is my favorite.  It is nice enough to sip on its own, but not so expensive that you feel bad mixing it with a little fresh pineapple juice or Coke.  Ok, really I shouldn't say that about the expensive part.  If you can even find the 7 year in the states it will run about $25.  We stock up on it when we go one vacation.  In Honduras it goes for about $12 (for 750 mL.)  So while $25 isn't outrageous, it's double what it is in Central America.  Sadly, that picture above holds all our remaining 7 year. 

   Luckily, the 4 year is available in many liquor stores and will only set you back roughly $13.  The 4 year is perrrrfect for mixing.  Light in flavor but pronounced enough to compliment fruit juice or whatever else you like with your rum.  I don't like to over do it on the mixers because (normally) I like to enjoy and savor what I am drinking.  And I really really enjoy drinking Flor de Caña rum.  (It may be one of my favorite past times.)

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