Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bombay Bistro

   When Bombay Bistro opened in Cool Springs, it wasn't so much a bistro as it was a diner.  Cheap red, vinyl booths.  New but yellowing-come-with-the-greasy-feel tables.  It kind of felt like you were eating in a dirty hospital cafeteria.  But it didn't matter because the food was incredible.

   The food is still incredible, but the location has recently changed (literally, down the street from the original local.)  The new decor fits our American ideal of "bistro" much better now with unobtrusive modern lighting, suede (faux)finished walls, and a full bar(!!!)  A full bar is always a bonus.  The only drawback is that now I feel the need to put on my good jeans before heading out for some Indian.  Actually, it's more of a temporary hassle than a drawback; I like dressing up a little when I go out.

   I love paneer pakora, but it seems the trend in my local Indian restaurants is to cake on the chick pea flour breading.  Too much breading makes the appetizer dry and unappealing while covering up that lovely mild flavor of the homemade cheese.  The paneer pakora is the only thing I would say not to order at Bombay Bistro.  For an appetizer, go for the samosas.  The pastry is light and crisp and the filling is slightly spicy.  They are so good!

   The vindaloo sauce at Bombay Bistro is the best I have ever had.  To get the right heat level, you have to request hot, but that is perfect if you are not a fan of really spicy things.  Vindaloo is ginger-garlic-cumin- pepper curry with a little bit of tanginess because of the addition of malt vinegar.  I order the chicken vindaloo, but I have heard the lamb is very tasty, too.
Lamb Vindaloo

   The last time we went, my mom ordered the chicken dhania.  It is a ginger-citrus marinated meat with bright, clean notes that are almost Caribbean in flavor.  Of course, the spice blends like garam masala make is distinctly Indian.  If you aren't too keen on the sometimes heavy or too spicy curries, this dish is for you!
 Chicken Dhania

   And, of course, like any good Indian joint, there is a fantastic vegetarian selection.  I always like to share a couple dishes so you can get your veggies in and also so you can try a variety of things.  The aloo gobi  is wonderful as is the vegetable korma.  Really, I love cauliflower in any fashion, so whether it is stewed with tomatoes and peppers or bathing in a yogurt curry, that is fine by me!  I recently tried the chana saagwala.  Wow.  It is amazing.  The chick peas are really tender and the spinach sauce is smooth and beautiful.  If you are hesitant about Indian food, try the chana saag.  Think of it as black eyed peas that invaded your creamed spinach (to put it in friendly Southern terms.)
Chana Saagwala

9040 Carothers Pkwy Suite B-111
(615) 771-9105
Lunch Buffet Monday-Friday
Dinner Tuesday-Sunday

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