Monday, November 22, 2010


   The post title is not a mistake.  There is a really amazing red wine that is simply called "r".  It is a Southern Australian cabernet sauvignon, specifically from the Barossa Valley region.  Have you heard of Jacob's Creek Wines?  Same place.  And have you seen that bottle of red with the pink oval logo reading "Bitch" in pretty script?  Same winery as r.  It is a beautiful, full bodied red with notes of cherry and hints of black pepper.  While the taste is rich it is not heavy like Burgundies or merlots tend to be.
   We have this wine often but not all the time.  It will run about $17 in a store or $14 (plus S&H) online.  our everyday, all the time wines tend to be $7-$10 because we go through a lot of wine.  It's not too expensive that we don't have a couple bottles a month though.  And really, for the amazing quality that you are getting, $17 is a great price.  This is better than many $30 bottles of red that I've had.  For your next steak and/or date night in or if you just want to feel extra fancy eating your spaghetti and meat balls, pick up a bottle of r. 

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