Monday, October 24, 2011

Crabs by the Dozen

Last Monday was the last day of mini-Maryland vacation.  Our friends and hosts ordered a shit-ton of crabs from a little hole in the wall place near their home.  If you would like to know what a "shit-ton" of crabs is, it is 8 dozen.  Yes, 96 crabs.  There were only 5 of us eating them, but we ran through a solid half.
4 Dozen Heavenly Dead Things

While it is a labor intensive meal, it is so worth it! Cover the table with cardboard and trash bags, and start breaking down crabs.  The meat is insanely sweet and succulent.  The heavy Old Bay seasoning that the crustaceans are cooked with coats your hands so you get some with every bit of meat.  And I was introduced to dipping the crab into straight white vinegar.  It was one of those elusive "ah-ha!" moments.  The tangy vinegar is the perfect balancing compliment to the sweet shellfish.

1351 Odenton Rd.--Odenton, MD
(410) 672-1272 

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