Saturday, October 29, 2011

What are you eating at your Halloween party?

I am so excited about what is sure to be an epic night of pure epic epicness!  I almost couldn't go, but ...thankfully? GSP minorly injured his knee (not that I want him to be hurt....) so the GSP v. Condit fight it postponed.  Louis is going to be a UFC zombie and I am going as some generic she-demon throw-together costume.

Meatballs are always a crowd pleaser, so I am making Chinese BBQ'd Turkey Meatballs.

What are you making for your party?  Don't know yet?  Here are my Top 5 suggestions:

Not seeing any of my archived recipes that strike your fancy?  These recipes sound scary good:

Spicy Fried Chick Peas-

Bleeding Heart Brie-

Shriveled Potatoes w/ Romesco-

Oreo Mummy Pops-


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