Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Clay Pit

I have an Indian restaurant near me again!  Maybe a little too near.  It is only about 3 minutes from house.  I've been getting food from the Clay Pit for years (when I lived in Murfreesboro before,) but I was a good, solid 10 minutes away so that prevented me from overdosing on vindaloo.  In the last month and half I think we've gotten food from there three times.  That is rather unheard of for us (unless we are talking about Blue Coast Burrito).

I should probably explain why we always get take out from the Clay Pit and don't actually dine-in.  The place is clean but with the old tables, old chairs, and odd red tube lighting gives the impression that everything is coated is a thin film of grease.  (NOT true though!)  It is the red lighting that really gets me.  At night, it casts a rather off-putting hue over the dining room.  Also, we don't often treat ourselves to take out and it is so close, so why not relax at home with a delicious curry?

Let's start with my absolute favorite dish on the menu:  chicken vindaloo.  This is the best vindaloo I've had.  It is the perfect balance of spice, acidity, and tomato-y sweetness with tender chunks of meat.
The samosa chaat is probably the hubs' favorite thing.  It is the traditional Indian savory pastry filled with spiced potatoes and sweet green peas smothered in a spicy chick pea sauce and cool yogurt.
The last time, we tried the alu palak.  The potatoes are simmered in a mild, smooth, spinach sauce.  From what I can tell, palak is essentially the same as saag (saagwala).  The differences are minor regional variations in technique and spices.  (If someone knows better than me, I would love to know!)

And don't forget the naan.  The garlic naan is fantastic!  Soft, chewy, slightly crusty from the tandoori.  Oh, did I mention that The Clay Pit uses authentic tandoori ovens?  Smack in the middle of the open kitchen.  Seeing those and the aromatic smell of cumin and garlic lingering in the air, I knew the food was going to be delicious the first time I set foot in the place.

1813 Memorial Blvd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(Buffet-Dine in-Carry out-Catering)

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