Monday, September 5, 2011

Cookout Menu

   I realize that today is Labor Day and so this menu is of no use, buuut I thought I would share the complete menu of our Saturday cookout because tailgate season is fast approaching.  Also, backyard parties in the lovely, cool fall weather?  Yes, please.

   We had an early Labor Day/House Warming/EAS party on Saturday.  Saturday was Louis' last official day as an active duty Marine!  So eff-ing exciting.  Yes, we've been in Tennessee for a month, but technically he could have had to go back to Lejeune if some dick decided he needed to.  Whatever.  It was a crazy mix of people:  our parents, family friends, and my odd-ball mix of friends.  The menu was very simple over all and a mish-mash of styles (Mediterranean, Southwestern, etc.), but food was devoured!  I love to see people relaxing, eating, and having an overall fun time.

Cookout Menu from 9/3/11
Grilled Burgers and Hotdogs
Caprese Foccacia
New Orleans BBQ Shrimp*
Fried Chick Peas*
Spinach and Monterey Jack Dip
Fresh Corn Salsa
Veggies with Cumin Ranch
Coconut Almond Brownies*
Mini Grasshopper Pies*
Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream Sandwiches*

*Made/Brought by Super Awesome People

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