Thursday, September 1, 2011

Watermelon Mojito

   I may have just ordered a gorgeous new pair of boots for fall and can't wait to wear them, but it is definitely still summer.  Maybe, maybe by late this month it will creep into boot weather.  However, I'm betting they don't make it out of the house until October (because, yes, I will put them on and wear them around my house the second they arrive.)  The good news about the part of summer:  the produce.  Everything is so beautiful at the markets this time of year.  Last week, in the Mennonite community in Scottsville, KY, I bought the most perfect little watermelon for $1.  Seriously.  I adore watermelon, the hubs hates it with a passion.  While I could eat slices of it all day, some times things need to be switched up a bit.  Mojitos have been one of my go-to drinks this summer so I thought why not add some fresh, juicy, sweet watermelon to the mix?
Watermelon Mojito
1/2 C watermelon chunks (1 good sized slice)
1 tsp simple syrup
2-3 sprigs of mint
juice of 1 lime, ~1 1/2 Tbsp
2 oz light rum
diet tonic water

   Add watermelon, simple syrup, mint and lime juice to the bottom of a glass.  Muddle everything together.  Make sure to break up the melon and bruise the mint really well.  Add rum.  Add ice to your liking.  Top with tonic.
   Makes 1 drink.


  1. Oh wow, sign me up for one of these!

    xoxo ~ Courtney


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