Saturday, March 26, 2011

Roast Chicken Sandwich with Cucumbers and Ranch

   Yes, I am blogging about a sandwich.  Don't judge me.   Sandwiches can be really special.  Even a really simple one can be just what you need.  With spring here, the veggies are getting better and better.  I think there are two very good ways to showcase raw veggies: salads and sandwiches.  Also, um, the hubs kinda comes home tomorrow... sooo... I don't have time for fancy food right now.  The computer fiasco set me back in sewing and I have a shit ton to do in the next 24 hours before MY HUSBAND COMES HOME!!!!!!!! (The excitement is pretty hard to contain.)

   The real reason I am blogging this sandwich is that my husband asked me to bring him a snack tomorrow for when we are waiting around to be dismissed.  I kid you not.  To him, a sandwich is a snack and he loves cucumbers and ranch on them.  This is what I am taking to him.  It is really delicious in its simplicity, though.  I just had one for lunch, you know, for quality control. 
Roast Chicken Sandwich with Cucumber and Ranch
Lightly toasted bread
sliced English cucumber
sliced vine ripe tomatoes
baby spinach
sliced provolone
light mayo
light ranch
   Combine equal parts ranch and mayo.
Roast chicken breast
   Liberally salt and pepper bone-in, skinless chicken breast.  Lightly sprinkle with onion and garlic powders.  Roast at 375 deg F for ~40 min.  Let cool.  Remove from bone and thinly slice.

   Assemble sandwich with as much of each ingredient as you like.  Make sure to lightly salt the tomatoes.

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  1. I love sanwiches and I am going to try with this one! They are like fast but tasty lunch!


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