Friday, March 4, 2011

Tandoori Chicken

  When I have an incredibly productive spree, it usually ends at a hault.  I got so much done yesterday that today I feel like I am just dicking around the house doing little things here and there.  At this moment I am almost forcing myself to get this blog post together because I am waffling between beading a pair of pants and making sleeves.  Hopefully I can boost productivity with this post.

   How about something exotic, tasty, and crazy easy to go with that Indian rice?   This tandoori chicken is not the most authentic thing ever.  But I don't own a tandoor so authenticity is difficult.  Oh well.  You can grill or bake this chicken and it will be absolutely delicious.  I am not above using packaged spice blends for Indian food.  The number of new spices you would need to buy to properly blend your own is astronomical.  A premixed blend will only cost a couple bucks and takes up a lot less room your kitchen.  I usually add other ingredients to the mix becuase mixes are often very high in sodium.  Also, the blend I used happen to be incredibly spicy!  Very good thing I toned it down a bit.  It was still very hot, don't get me wrong, but had I followed the package directions it would have been sear-off-your-tastebuds-in-the-first-bite spicy.
Tandoori Chicken
1.5-2 lb chicken, roughly 1 inch cube (white or dark meat)
1 C plain Greek yogurt *
2 Tbsp Shan tandoori chicken spice mix
2 Tbsp honey
1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
4 tsp lemon juice
2 tsp rice vinegar (or other mild vinegar)

   Combine yogurt, spice mix, honey, oil, lemon, and vinegar.  (If you are not a fan of spicy food, use 1 Tbsp of spice mix or look for a mild tandoori blend.  Taste mixture before adding chicken.  If it is too spicy, add more honey.)
   Add chicken, coat in marinade.  Let sit for at least 1 hour.  For grilling, skewer chicken on metal skewers.  You can do this for the oven too, or just spread into 1 layer on a foil lined baking pan.  Grill on medium-high heat for about 10-12 minutes, making sure to grill on all sides.  Bake in 400 deg F oven for 13-15 minutes.  (Cooking times will vary depending on cube size.)
   Serves 6-8

*TIP:  Greek yogurt too expensive?  Buy plain, low fat yogurt and drain.  Use a mesh strainer lined with cheese cloth or paper towles.  Put yogurt in strainer and place over a bowl.  Let sit in refrigerator overnight.  The liquid will drain out and you will be left with a lower fat, super thick and rich yogurt.

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  1. I should totally try this for lucas, I bet he would love it. Again pretty bummed you arent still my neighbor I could have just paid you to cook for us weekly hahaha



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